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Recently Luxar lasers have been discontinued.  Light Scalpel will no longer support the older models, AccuVet, LX-20, & NovaPulse.  Do not panic Sventech will be able to continue to support them.  Custom length Luxar CO2 laser waveguides will be available for purchase as well as the various supplies required to operate the laser. 

Sventech laser technician's can repair laser fiber optic delivery systems.  Almost any fiber optic from any laser can be repaired.  If someone tripped over your soft tissue laser's fiber optic cable and snapped it off from the base of the connector do not worry Sventech can repair it. 

Some lasers use a more permanent fiber optic cable to route the unit's energy to the target tissue.  Certain erbium dental lasers, ND:Yag aesthetic lasers, and industrial lasers use this type of laser delivery system.  Trunk fiber assemblies from erbium dental lasers fail from use over time.  The fiber's end face degrades and then the laser's energy transmission efficiency starts to fail. 

The laser will feedback and cause heat build up which will eventually break the fiber optic cable within the trunk fiber assembly.  This type of failure can repaired by installing new terminations on the fiber optic cable.  The assembly will come back repaired slightly shorter because the defective part of the fiber optic was cut off in order to complete the repair. 

ND:Yag hair removal laser trunk fibers break down similarly to erbium lasers because of the very high power levels that they operate at.  There are some situations that the assembly cannot be repaired.  For example, if the fiber optic is broken in the middle.  In this situation  it cannot be repaired because the trunk fiber would be too short to be of useful length. 

Some of the lasers that Sventech is fluent in fiber optic trunk fiber repair are; Biolase, DeLight, Hoya Con Bio, iPlus, MD, Versawave, and Waterlase.  Sapphire surgical fiber tips can be repaired by replacing the glass with new.  Note this list is not comprehensive if your laser's manufacturer is not listed, it most likely can still be fixed.  

Contact Sventech today to discuss your specific laser repair or accessory inquiry.  Aftermarket laser accessories are kept in stock for most discontinued dental lasers.