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The Svenlase808 is a highly efficient soft tissue diode laser for

the dental practitioner, and is designed to withstand the dental operatory environment. It has an industrial user interface without
a sensitive touchscreen and can handle being accidentally dropped. The laser is manufactured in Concord, California. The fiber optic delivery system and accessories are made in the USA. The unit
is covered by a three year limited warranty. 

The Svenlase utilizes the ‘cut and peel’ type of fiber optic delivery system, which is the most sanitary way to deliver the laser’s light to the patient’s tissue. This method results in the most economical cost-per-patient use of any fiber optic delivery system type in use today. The compact and light laser has a fiber reel built into its case, making it easy to transport between operatories. 

The Svenlase808 has a max output of 5W in continuous wave mode. In pulse mode the laser has a max output of 2W and can super pulse. The HZ (or frequency) is fixed in pulse mode but the pulse duration is elongated or shortened to achieve the power
​set point. This allows the laser to cut faster and create less carbonization build up. 

Currently the Svenlase808 comes in two different styles. Custom graphics are available if you would like your dental practice logo
on the unit or if you want it in a solid color. Please note custom graphics will increase delivery time and there is a small fee.